Many organizations are in need of additional resources to help keep up with the expanding requirements around data management and privacy.  With laws and regulations changing at a break-neck speed, organizations need assistance in developing policies and procedures to ensure they are maximizing the value of their data assets and protecting consumer privacy.


Digital Segment brings expert consultants who can be "fractional" policy officers to measure, analyze, and develop policies for your organization without needing a full time employee.  


Examples of consulting work that we provide for clients include:


  • Chief Data Office

  • Privacy Officer



Chief Data Officer

The fractional Chief Data Officer helps to develop enterprise-wide governance and policy and utilization of information and data as an asset.


Data can be collected via data processing, analysis, data mining, and information trading. The CDO helps to determine what kinds of information the enterprise will choose to capture, retain, and exploit and for what purposes. 


Lastly, our CDOs help to drive innovation around the monetization of data, development of policies to protect the data to ensure data privacy and security, and manage the overall health of data under governance.

Privacy Officer

Digital Segment offers our expert staff to assist companies develop their policies as it relates to Data Governance and Privacy Policy Development.


We help companies develop their internal policies by reviewing their existing policies and making recommendations where appropriate.  We also offer staff training to update employees with the new and improved policies to ensure adherence.