• Brad Schorer

Marketing Principles: Six Fundamentals You Need for Success

We understand that sifting through today’s database of marketing information and opportunities to determine an effective marketing plan is not always an easy process. Therefore, Digital Segment offers these six principles for marketing success:

  1. Establish a marketing plan based on your goals and put a strategy in place to achieve them.

  2. Identify high impact targeting opportunities to communicate with your demographic audience.

  3. Stay organized and minimize excessive resources wasted on strategies that don’t work.

  4. Build a varied marketing plan using the integration of data and analytics across several digital platforms.

  5. Regularly analyze and optimize your plan to translate new awareness into new consumers.

  6. Partner with an account management and database team to streamline, simplify, and maximize your marketing plan.

Digital Segment supports clients with database management, personalized multi-channel communications, campaign management, and analytics and marketing ROI measurement. From the plan implementation to securing new customers, we work with organizations along the way to make sure they are communicating with appropriate audiences in the most effective and compliant manner, resulting in an increased customer base, increased revenue and overall marketing success.

We actively create and manage businesses’ marketing campaigns across multiple channels, encouraging potential customers to engage with a company. For more information on how we can help, please visit www.digitalsegment.com or call 610-228-0906.

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