• Brad Schorer

Data Intelligence: Get the Most Out Of Multichannel Marketing

Collecting and leveraging customer information, statistics and relevant business information is necessary to get the most out of your multichannel marketing efforts. Cross channel communication is even more effective if you have all the right contact data for a specific individual. However, there may be some gaps in your data assets that prohibit maximum effectiveness and conversions through current communication channels.

You’re not alone. While 95% of marketers know multichannel marketing is important (Episerver), over 90% state they struggle to synchronize data across more than three channels for a single buyer (Gartner).

Utilizing data intelligence will help you reveal insightful customer trends and associations that increase profits and benefit your business. Knowing the demographic segments of each individual that you are marketing to (e.g. age, gender, income, ethnicity) and customizing your communications based on these segments will dramatically increase conversions. Additional benefits over time will include understanding the channel that the individual customer tends to favor when responding to your brand’s offer.

Being able to accurately and intelligently engage with consumers across multiple marketing channels creates a sense of communication with each individual customer. Marketing to your customers across multiple channels can be the most effective way to drive them towards a purchase.

The team at Digital Segment can help you better communicate with prospective customers and fill in the missing contact information of current customers that may not be contained in your CRM system. With over 1 billion contact records across multiple marketing channels including email, cellphones, landlines, postal addresses, and IP addresses, we can help you create the omni-channel view of each consumer. For more information, please visit www.digitalsegment.com or call 610-228-0906.

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