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Geo Targeting: Creepy or Effective?

It’s no secret that marketers are constantly striving to make their campaigns more personalized and relevant to their target customers. What you may not know, is how this is done. One way is through Geolocation Target Marketing (a.k.a any variation of Geo Marketing, Geo Targeting or IP Targeting). Geo Targeting is the activity of using geographic information coupled with IP address data from mobile devices to deploy targeted marketing activities. Creepy, huh?!

Geo Targeting is done by matching mobile IP addresses and GPS data to a specified location. This is the act of identifying consumers at or near a specified location. But how? Well, any consumer with a mobile phone who utilizes the location setting can be targeted. Marketers can then deploy the relevant SMS, mobile display ad, email, or other marketing initiative to those identified consumers.

Just as an example, wouldn’t it be great if you could send a discount offer to consumers within a 2 mile radius of your business, in real-time? Or what about using historical data to send offers to consumers who frequent a certain area on a regular basis? The good news is, you can!

A business may use this strategy to deploy advertisements to consumers within a certain vicinity with the goal of increasing foot traffic to a specific location. Or, how about utilizing geographic information from a particular sports stadium, concert, or other event? Running a restaurant, retail establishment or hotel near these venues allows you to market directly to these patrons.

Alternatively, individual consumers can be targeted by their home address. Marketers can select the exact demographics of the consumer (e.g. Hispanic women who are 25-40 years old and make more than $75k) and identify the physical addresses of this market segment. Then display advertisements can be marketed to all internet traffic from the IP address associated with that physical address.

At this point, you may still be asking yourself whether Geo Targeting is a practical marketing method. The answer is yes and the reason why is simple. The more relevant an advertisement or marketing effort is, the more likely it is to drive a sale. The marketing message can be incredibly relevant around the location and the market segment being targeted which should yield a higher conversion rate.

So yes, Geo Targeting may be a little creepy but it is also very effective.

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