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Improve Marketing Automation with Data Intelligence

In a previous post, we discussed the impact marketing to customers across multiple channels can have in driving them towards a purchase. Marketing automation is commonly used by both B2C and B2B marketers for omnichannel communication. Yet, despite the advancement and sophistication of today’s marketing automation solutions, many marketers still struggle to maximize the ROI and value of their automation investments. This comes from a lack of fully leveraging the power of data intelligence as part of their marketing strategy.

There are typically two main hurdles to overcome to get the most out of omnichannel marketing automation. Firstly, cross channel communication becomes quite difficult when you do not have the right contact data for a specific individual across channels. Secondly, nailing down the right cadence across channels presents its own set of challenges.

It is interesting to note that “cadence” is often used synonymously with “frequency”. However, marketing cadence refers to more than that. It’s the mix of timing, frequency, messaging content, and the audience subject to the campaign. Each of these elements should be evaluated and set per individual and across each channel.

Rather than viewing automation simply as a vehicle to blast marketing messages, it should be viewed as a sophisticated tool to deliver the most effective messaging across channels. In doing so, you should first leverage data intelligence to address any gaps in consumer contact data. Once you have the data gaps filled, then you are able to set up your marketing cadence to determine what will drive the sale. The analytics performed on each campaign will help to dictate the optimum mix of messaging.

The team at Digital Segment can help you fill in missing contact information of current customers and prospects, improve your marketing cadence, and get the most out of your marketing automation efforts overall. For more information, please visit www.digitalsegment.com or call 610-228-0906 or email us at info@digitalsegment.com.

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