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GDPR is Approaching!

If your company works with any kind of consumer data, then you've heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This piece of European regulations comes into law on May 25. If any of your data, marketing, or advertising involves reaching an international audience, then you could be affected, and the penalties for non-compliance is massive (4% of global revenues is the potential fine). GDPR was drafted to protect all non-anonymized personal data and allow consumers to have the right to be forgotten.

The data that is covered includes all personally identifiable information (PII), including IP Address. This has the potential to create havoc across a company's data infrastructure to identify where all of the individuals' data is stored. CRM Systems, web logs, ad:tech, marketing automation, accounting systems, and many more can be potential stores of this data. Companies need to understand WHERE there data is stored before they can even remediate. Digital Segment has several solutions for adherence to the GDPR. From technical consulting via gap analysis audits and privacy reviews to data validations services for the EU, we are here to help with this important legislation. Contact us to learn more!


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