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Digital Geo-Targeting to Increase Sales

In the marketing world, a long long time ago, geo-targeting was done through print ads in local newspapers. Sales, events, grand openings…are only relevant to individuals in the area. Therefore, targeting through the local circulars was the way to reach likely buyers.

Today, geo-targeting takes place in real time, making marketing relevant to the individual consumer. Real time location information helps you get a better understanding of your target’s interests. A consumer attending a sporting event, for example, is likely a fan. Does this fan go to the venue often? Is your business on his/her route or within the vicinity? Offer a discount or deal for before or after the game, or in the coming weeks to local customer base.

The more demographic information you have, the more likely you are to have a successful marketing campaign. Marketing to a tighter audience within a given location, may give you an advantage over your competition. Is your target market women within a specific age group? Do you have a product of use to men only? Are you appealing to a specific ethnic population? Digital Segment can help you market relevant offers to your likely customer base, in real time. Let us show you how our location and demographic data can help boost your sales.


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