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GDPR - One Week to Go

You may not want to hear this, but the GDPR regulations start to get enforced in exactly one week from today. Companies need to be able to identify personal data for EU residents and must comply with all the requirements of the GDPR or face substantial fines (up to 4% of global revenue). Personal data is defined as: Name, address, phone number; IP address and associated cookies; Racial identify; Religious affiliation; Health data; Biometric data; and Sexual orientation. This is a lot of different data sets that might be residing in your databases. You now need to to ensure that you have consent from each "data subject" that is freely given and explicitly provided in response to your request to process and store their data.

Digital Segment has quite a few services that can support the GDPR regulations as it fast approaches but also from an ongoing perspective. We have multiple services that can identify if IP addresses or phone numbers are considered to be within the European Union. We can ingest your data and monitor and manage as a Data Processor on your behalf. Lastly, we also have many privacy and technology experts available who can provide data assessments, internal data collection policy reviews, and privacy assessments to make sure you business is positioned properly to collect data correctly and with the right consent from the consumer.

The GDPR should not be intimidating. Instead, it creates an opportunity for the organization to create a strategic customer identity management program with privacy at its core. A strong privacy position can actually enhance your brand. Let us know how we can help!

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