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It's Political Marketing Season!

We are only a few short months from the Presidential Election. With COVID-19 and social distancing, a real part of our lives now, will all voters go to the polls? Getting your message to those who are going to vote, despite these hurdles, is more important than ever.

Voting this season will look different from previous elections. But, for some voters, nothing is more important. Others who historically don’t vote or vote rarely, will likely continue that behavior. Why waste your time and money marketing to those who are less likely to vote?

If we agree that reaching likely voters is the priority, it’s time to decided how you want to reach them. Calls, texts, email, digital or mobile advertising, or direct mail are all options, but some may be better received than others.

Although highly effective, one of the most hated campaign activities is receiving political calls. If your strategy involves calling though, do not stop there. Follow up using other channels like direct mail or email. If your target voter is like me, a text is my preferred contact channel and Digital Segment can help you with that.

What does this mean for you? Good data is important! We can help you build and segment likely voters and then target them appropriately across any channel. Utilizing omni-channel contact data, political party affiliation and those who are likely to vote, Digital Segment will help give you the upper hand this election season. Contact us today!

Article written by Darci Bullard


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