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Digital Segment keeps you connected to your customers and focused on sustainable growth.

By creating customized cutting edge data solutions, we save you valuable time and company resources.


Gain market advantages using our customized methods of sourcing, manipulating, and managing your data.

We increase the drive  for your brand with targeted data to create opportunities for new customer contacts.

As your expert in SMS fulfillment, database management platforms, and CRM integration, we know technology!

Ongoing support for  your data, technology, and privacy governance with our specialized consultants.

Using superior sources to feed out live data, our API's provide real time access to your defined target market.



Brad Schorer, President

Our Resident Data Guru

"We're a cooperative & innovative team. We love using data and technology to create meaningful marketing programs for our clients." 


Brad Schorer, President

As successful marketers we must be able to easily and actively manage campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously. Our efforts ultimately drive customers and prospects to engage with a company and purchase their products and services. We believe every contact is a new opportunity, and each prospect that goes unengaged is a lost sale.


In addition to our love for the art of marketing and data manipulation, we take special joy in discovering and testing new marketing toys and technology platforms. Understanding how to implement these elements into a coherent strategy that is both cost effective and operationally efficient is our speciality. Once implemented, we help firms leverage their new technology power to make sure they are effective in reaching and engaging with their customers and prospects.


We are able to provide CTO experience in the evaluation and assessment of a firm’s marketing technology (call centers, marketing software, CRM, mobile platforms, social listening, etc.) to ensure proper implementation and effective utilization of all platforms.


We simply love working with great clients!


Call us and see what we can do to help you.



@B_Schorer or @DigitalSgmnt

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We can advise you about the best data uses for your business, share our expertise and marketing solutions,  or discuss licensing our databases. Alternatively, if you would like to opt-out of our communications with you, please let us know.

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We love working with our existing partners and also establishing new relationships. Building a fun and friendly ecosystem of partners and customers makes coming to work a true joy for our team! Call us, let's pursue mutual opportunities together! Here are just a few of our partners:

PossibleNOW offers enterprise preference management and compliance solutions to let marketers personalize multi-channel communications to their customers and prospects.

Specialist Marketing Services is a chief provider of direct marketing lists, data solutions, and multi-channel marketing services, including direct mail, online, mobile and insert marketing.

IDI Data (NYSE: IDI) now provides actionable intelligence to support a wide range of industries for due diligence, risk assessment, fraud prevention, location, authentication, and verification.

Equifax helps clients validate email data (in realtime or in batch) to verify that the email information they collect on customers and prospects is correct and deliverable.

TowerData is a leading provider of email data matching services including email appends, validations, and scoring. 

“Brad {and the Digital Segment team} is the type of leader most companies should have. They maintain the ability to provide strategic leadership but aren’t afraid to get into the weeds to get problems solved. They understand the sales process, the marketing funnel, and the financial flow of an organization. Brad's an old-school leader with new school knowledge.”

                               – Leading Ad Agency

                                   Managing Director

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