Develop and maintain your own first party data identitygraph

The true value of any CDP is the underlying data points that are linked with the consumer.  Digital Segment allows marketers to develop, enhance and maintain their own identitygraph without committing to a third party ecosystem.

Your customers and prospects as part of a complete identitygraph

Marketers understand the power of a CDP with a robust identitygraph.  But given their exiting investments in their martech stack don’t want to be committed to a third party CDP ecosystem.  Digital Segment offers ConsumerComplete – a data focused product that makes a complete, accurate and robust identitygraph out of existing first-party data.

ConsumerComplete empowers the marketer to engage customers and prospects using true multi-channel campaigns.  Multiple touch points across multiple channels with insightful measurement is a key for strong consumer / brand relationships.

Benefits of ConsumerComplete:

CDP Agnostic

ConsumerComplete is purely a data product and does not require a commitment to any one ecosystem. Leverage the existing martech stack and maximize the return on the investment.


Digital Segment will leverage your first party data to develop a complete identitygraph and then process new records for adding to the CDP.  Recurring refreshes help ensure accuracy and completeness.

Multi-channel campaigns

Develop and implement truly multi-channel campaigns using whatever marketing technology tools are available