Identity Messenger

Identity Messenger

Deliver relevant messaging and offers to consumers across multiple channels using our integrated delivery platform

Digital Segment has integrated a delivery platform within our Identity Gateway data ecosystem. Leverage Digital Segment data or your own first party data to power the delivery of targeted Email, SMS, Voice, and Direct Mail.

Digital Segment has just made "smart marketing" easier

Digital Segment has always provided data, data enhancement, and audience development to our customers; however, our data would have to be supplied to an external deployment partner in order to deliver messaging and offers to consumers.

Now, customers can keep everything in one place using our integrated delivery platform which operates within the Digital Segment Identity Gateway data ecosystem. This enables our clients to leverage Digital Segment data or their own first party data to power the delivery of messaging and offers to consumers. Email. SMS, Voice. Direct Mail.


Using the integration of Identity Gateway and Identity Messenger, customers programmatically deploy emails in realtime by either using their own first party emails to be enhanced by the Identity Gateway or by using the Identity Gateway to append and use an email address.

  • Enhanced captured email data in realtime to determine workflows to deliver email messaging in real time
  • Append email data to name / address, telephone number, or other data inputs to deploy email
  • Define parameters of audiences and deploy emails directly to those audiences automatically


Deliver customized SMS messages to consumers in real time – Digital Segment to append and use a mobile number or enhanced customer provided mobile data for segmentation and deployment.

  • Input captured mobile data to Identity Gateway, append on data to determine the proper process flow, and deploy SMS messaging in real time
  • Use Identity Gateway to find and append mobile data for SMS and programmatically pass it to Identity Messenger for deployment
  • Develop a custom audience using Identity Gateway and leverage Identity Messenger to deliver the SMS message


Leverage voice messaging to landline or mobile numbers; use predetermined process flows to deliver the right message to the right consumer in real time.

  • Enhance a file of existing phone data to enable multiple workflows and deliver voice the appropriate messages to the right consumers
  • Leverage voice messages as a new form of communication by using Identity Gateway to add phone data and Identity Messenger to deploy
  • Deliver voice messages to a defined audience programmatically

Direct Mail

Master online to offline touchpoints by matching name / address data to phone, email, MAID or IP address in order to programmatically use print and mail on demand to send and deliver direct mail.

  • Capture consumer data during online interactions – email, MAID, IP address – and use Identity Gateway to resolve the name and address for the inputs; then leverage Identity Messenger to engage a print and deliver on-demand direct mail solution
  • Segment separate audiences from single files of consumers and print and deliver customized direct mail using Identity Messenger

Use Cases

Audience Segmentation and Messaging

Enhance first party data to develop custom segments for specific campaigns and messages.

Omni-Channel Messaging

Use an inbound inquiry in one channel to drive an outbound message in another channel.

Political Action Campaign

Develop a campaign and a custom audience and deliver messages via email or SMS.

Consumer Connection

Communicate to consumers in real-time to deliver messages or offers across multiple channels.

The Process

Using Identity Messenger is simple. The integration with Identity Gateway is already done, leaving only campaign development and approval.

Develop the campaign by creating distinct messaging and content, submit it for approval, then sign off on all compliance requirements. The combination of Identity Gateway and Identity Messenger will develop, enhance, power process flows, and deploy messages programmatically and in real time.

Identity Messenger Flowchart

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