Billions of records powering cross channel consumer interaction

Digital Segment enables marketers to re-engage with consumers using a different channel then what was used in prior interaction.

Interacting with prospects and customers across channels.

As brands and consumers interact, smart marketers find ways to leverage additional channels to re-engage.  A caller that interacts with a contact center is more responsive to an offer delivered through direct mail.  A customer that poses questions via email is more likely to re-engage through an mobile in-app digital ad.

By leveraging CrossTalk, a marketer that has one element of contact data for a consumer can identify and use contact data for the same consumer and engage with them in a different channel. 

Some of the use cases for CrossTalk include:

Email Forms

Consumers that interact via email on a web form or directly can be reengaged by SMS, Digital ad serve – even direct mail

Direct Mailers

Reinforce brand and offer by introducing email or in-app into the multi-touch campaign mix

Contact Centers

Follow up on consumer calls via email or direct mail to keep the customer engaged and ready for repeat purchases

Multi-channel campaigns

Develop and implement truly multi-channel campaigns using whatever marketing technology tools are available

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