Identity Gateway


Best in class data sets for engagement, identity or enrichment

Supplement, enhance, verify, update, and increase the value of your data – programmatically

Programmatic access to billions of data points that are updated daily

It is all about the data.  Access to widely sourced, validated, best-in-class data – available in near real-time through APIs allowing the integration of data into your systems and processes.

Identity Gateway integrates email, phone, mobile, device ID and address data for millions of households and individuals with your underlying applications, process flows or programs.  From enhancing data as it is being acquired to appending additional elements to existing data to supporting applications and processes, users of Identity Gateway can instantly leverage Digital Segment’s industry leading data assets.

Some of the use cases for Identity Gateway include:

Realtime data enrichment

As brands acquire first party data of prospects and customers, the records can be enhanced with multiple additional contact elements in real time.

CDP and Identitygraph development

By integrating Identity Gateway into the CDP / martech stack, data can be validated, augmented, and enhanced automatically.

Identitygraph from a single data point

Develop and Identitygraph record from a single piece of contact data: a single input – email, phone, IP address, mobile device ID, or mailing address – can be used to get any or all of those elements.

Reverse Searches

Use any piece of contact data to identify the name and mailing address; perfect for taking a single data point and developing a complete view of that consumer.

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