Data Strategy

Data Strategy

Enhance the value of your corporate data assets.

Data, when properly cultivated and analyzed, can be a corporate asset that is managed like any valuable investment for your organization. Not paying attention to it can lead to missed opportunities through lost sales, missed engagement with your customers, and increased marketing costs.
Data is valuable. Learn how to use it wisely.

Successful marketing begins with understanding the value of the data used, generated, and collected from your marketing campaigns and other interactions with your customers. Data, when properly cultivated and analyzed, can be a corporate asset that is managed like any valuable investment for your organization. Not paying attention to the valuable data assets can lead to missed opportunities through lost sales, missed engagement opportunities with your customers, and increased marketing costs and waste.

Digital Segment brings nearly twenty years of experience performing Data & Marketing Strategy Assessments for a wide range of companies. Our expertise in the data industry and the use of leading marketing technology systems has provided us with the experience to benchmark the best in class marketing strategies. Our assessments provide your organization with an objective review that will show you how to improve the utility of your existing systems, lower your costs, and develop a higher ROI from your marketing programs and campaigns.

Our methodologies and tools uncover opportunities to improve data and marketing practices that enhance the value of your corporate data assets including:

  • Gaining insights into efficiency and efficacy of existing practices against industry benchmarks
  • Business and marketing strategy review to determine actionable data needs
  • Review of data sources – including suppliers and underlying costs
  • Review of data architecture and storage, including file structure, what data is collected and how it is kept
  • Making sure your data is being used in compliance with existing privacy laws at the state and federal level
  • Evaluation of data hygiene, including current condition and maintenance procedures
  • Review of current and intended data applications against the existing data set

After these assessments, we deliver results that identify known gaps and issues as well as solution recommendations to meet your organization’s needs. Our ultimate objective is to build a solid marketing foundation that leverages the proper use of data and marketing technology to enable your organization to hit its marketing objectives.

Data Services

Database Sales & Customer Acquisition

You cannot market to your prospects or understand your customers without good contact data across multiple channels. Digital Segment provides everything you need to start your digital and direct marketing campaigns. Individual data sets can be purchased for specific campaigns or the entire database can be licensed. Contact us for pricing information for our databases.

Landline Telco Database75,000,000USA, PR, Guam
& Canada
Landline residential and business database that is updated daily from over 1600 telephone companies. Includes PR, Guam, and Canada (updated monthly). Residential and business records contain name, address, telephone number
Wireless Database150,000,000USAWireless database of name, address, cell number (and sometimes email). Sourced from internet and some telco data
Email Database #1150,000,000USA
First party sourced list of email databases that are validated quarterly
Email Database #2430,000,000USACompiled list of consumer emails. Includes name, address, and email address. Updated Monthly
Demographic Database300,000,000USADemographic database containing hundreds of fields that can be matched to individuals or households
IP Address Database215,000,000USA
Database of IP addresses that have been matched to name, address, and demographics. Used for advertising, real-time identification of web site visitors. Includes mail order response history as some of the demographic traits
Business Database16,900,000USABusiness database with most firmographics and SICs. Emails also available.
Equifax B2B Database25,000,000USABusiness database comparable to D&B. Includes contact names, phones, subsidiaries, etc.
New Mover Database~1 million
USADaily, weekly, or monthly feed of new mover data
International Landline
Varies by
See descriptionAPI access to telco databases in Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and Brazil. Pricing is per query. In country laws may dictate search criteria (e.g. no reverse phone look up in the UK). Data is sourced directly from the local telephone companies
Social Media Database150,000,000+USADatabase for over 20+ social media sites that can provide the social profile handle when provided with an email address or that can provide a name/address when queried with the social handle. Access via API Only
Mobile Deactivation File1.5 Billion

Database that dates back to 2010 that has every mobile number deactivation or suspension. Sourced from the carrier and updated daily.
Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs)1.5 BillionUSAThe MAID database is updated monthly is comprised of the mobile advertising ID with most records tied to hashed emails and name and address information.