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Demographics & Segmentation

Everyone knows that increasing revenue is every company’s goal. Knowing who your customers are is a great way to do just that. Identifying customers demographics and lifestyles provides valuable insight regarding how to target, what to offer, product development and marketing strategy. All of this creates relevance to your marketing efforts leading to profit gains.

Building a profile gives you a view into your customer’s preferences. Examples of contrasting cohort groups might be: Are they internet only buyers, retail store only buyers, internet and retail buyers? Do men prefer one channel over another? How about women? Are they a loyal customer or a new prospect?

Answering each of the above questions helps you to determine where your customer “sweet spots” lie and how to place you message in the right channel. Combining demographic and lifestyle elements gives you the opportunity to tailor messages and delivery methods to the individual. Digital Segment has over 250 fields of demographic and behavioral data to provide more insight into your customers and prospects.

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Article written by Darci Bullard


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