• Brad Schorer

What is your Omnichannel Strategy?

Using an omnichannel strategy to reach a targeted audience is gaining popularity. But, getting everyone in your organization on the same page is not always easy, leaving some stuck in their old familiar silo.

Silos aren’t only found on a farm in the Midwest. Silos can easily pop up in your organization; between teams, locations and channels. When these silos don’t communicate, things can turn ugly. If you don’t have your data and your tools aligned, how well do you really know your customer?

If your business operates in a silo, you may be missing out on giving your customers a convenient and complete experience. This can negatively impact your business, your potential and ultimately weaken your brand.

Supporting your customers should include offering valuable information, taking in feedback and answering frequently asked questions. Doing this makes your product or service better obviously, but it also offers your customers a better, more personalized experience.

So, how can you prevent silos from forming?

Remove Barriers

Create cross-functional teams so multiple perspectives are contributing to the decision making.

Own it

Who owns the events, the data, and the systems? Make this clear to boost employee morale and your customer’s experience. Assign an owner for each touchpoint to prevent organizational silos.

Focus on Content

Most organizations know that content is essential. Make sure yours is kept up-to-date and accessible.

With effective communication, data sharing, accountability, and the correct tools, silos won’t be quick to form. Stay open and intentional within your organization so both you and your customer benefit from your omnichannel strategy.

{credit to Darci Bullard for authoring}


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