Data Never Goes on Lockdown

Don’t let a lockdown interfere with your revenue this holiday season.

Data Never Goes on Lockdown

The third wave of Covid-19 is in full swing. This time around, we are better prepared, but the data shows a greater daily increase in cases than ever before. Is the data wrong? Maybe if you believe in conspiracy theories. For the rest of us, data is “scientific evidence”. Input creates output.
As the holidays approach, hope for family gatherings begins to dwindle. States are putting restrictions in place, as the uncertainty we have all lived with for the past 10 months, continues. It’s time for creating new traditions.

We are all pivoting once again.

With the real possibility of a lockdown looming, the calendar still reminds us that it’s time to shop. Even if we can’t be in the same room, or maybe even the same state as our loved ones, gifts are still part of the season. Whether you shop in person or from the comfort and safety of your couch, reaching customers is still the goal.

Digital Segment offers several products that make your marketing efforts successful….geo-targeting for those who want to shop in person, email and text for those who prefer to shop from home. We have over 150 million records of consumer data including demographics such as age, gender, income, education, home ownership, etc. so you are able to reach your intended market. Plus, we have every contact channel imaginable, including millions of phone, mobile, email, postal, and IP addresses.
Give us a call today. Even if we end 2020 in lockdown, our data can help you reach your target market. Let us help you connect to your customers so your customers can connect to their loved ones.

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-Brad Schorer, President

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