Don’t Let Travel Restrictions Force You to Stay Local.

Don’t Let Travel Restrictions Force You to Stay Local.

Travel is picking back up after a long year at home. But, even if you aren’t ready to hop on a plane and travel across the sea, you can still do business internationally. Your marketing reach does not need to be confined to just the United States . Digital Segment has over 200 countries represented in our B2B data and almost 200 million records in Europe, Brazil, and Australia for B2C data.

Knowing where your customers are located, offers you the opportunity to tailor your message more effectively. Using local catch phrases and imagery, gives your message relevance and increases brand awareness across the world.
Once you know your audience and have designed your messaging, you need to know how to contact your targets. This is where Digital Segment comes in. Our data can provide you with the information you need to connect via postal, email and mobile throughout hundreds of countries. Use this data for traditional marketing or to create digital audiences for your digital marketing campaigns.

Let Digital Segment help you expand your business horizons. Lean back, get comfortable and engage globally, from the comfort of your home or office. No middle seats, plenty of legroom and all the data you need to expand your brand by marketing globally. Call or email us today.

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-Brad Schorer, President

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