What’s All the Talk About?

What’s All the Talk About?

Digital Segment is proud to announce the launch of CrossTalk, a new product offering that allows our customers to retarget their customers across multiple channels.

How does CrossTalk work?
• A consumer engages with your brand
• The contact channel information by which the consumer engages is captured (e.g. phone number and address).
• CrossTalk then provides you with additional channel information so can re-engage via another channel (e.g. Email address)
Simple, right?

We all know that getting consumers to engage with your brand is the first step toward turning that consumer into a customer. You have captured their attention with your marketing and so maybe they take a look at your website. That’s great! But don’t let them get away without another look or a purchase. Why not send an email with details about a current campaign, a weekend sale or even a discount code to use upon their next website visit, for example. With over 6 billion records, we are able to match consumer information across multiple channel including IP addresses, emails, postal address, phone numbers, and cell phones to use for retargeting

Now that you know…

Who can benefit from CrossTalk?

• Marketers!
If you have an in house agency, CrossTalk could be exactly what you need to help build and/or bolster, your CRM. Imagine how a robust consumer database could help your marketing initiatives.

Why use Digital Segment?
• Our business has always been data!
• Our focus is quality data that is easy to use.
• Our customer service is out of this world.

We work to understand your business needs and are readily available to answer your questions and offer solutions. When you combine quality data and personalized customer service, you cannot go wrong and your campaigns will be more effective.

What questions do you have?
We would love to tell you more! Contact Digital Segment and let us show you how CrossTalk can benefit you and positively impact your marketing efforts.

About the Author

“We’re a cooperative & innovative team. We love using data and technology to create meaningful marketing programs for our clients.”

-Brad Schorer, President

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