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Do you like to shop? I do, but not in person…and that has nothing to do with the pandemic. I prefer to shop online and so do millions of others. But, whether you shop online or in person, the business benefits from knowing a bit about you. And that means, consumer data is more important than ever.

So, this is not just about abandoned shopping carts. Yes, everyone buys bread, milk, eggs and a new pair of sneakers on occasion. All that tells you about the consumer is that they are not gluten or dairy free and they wear shoes. That’s not bad but wouldn’t you appreciate a fuller picture of your target?

How about age, gender, income, and level of education? Retargeting a 20 something female with coupons for custom men’s ware, is likely a waste of your resources. However, if you knew this 20 something female has a graduate degree, earns 6 figures and lives outside Detroit, you would also know that she is more likely to shop for boots than she is for sunscreen. The business and the consumer will benefit from improved personalization of the marketing message.

How about consumers who are looking to relocate? If you are a moving company or homebuilder…BAM! You have narrowed down your audience and are able to target more specifically.

Cross Channel marketing is also important when retargeting customers. Do you want IP and email addresses? We have them. Or maybe you prefer SMS marketing. We are able to identify active mobile numbers and who the number belongs to. How about tried and true postal addresses, if you are not in a hurry. We have those too.

We are able to give you a complete view of your consumer so you can target them with relevant information and via their preferred communication channel. We can help get them shopping on your site, in your store or wherever you may be. Let’s discuss! Contact us today!

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“We’re a cooperative & innovative team. We love using data and technology to create meaningful marketing programs for our clients.”

-Brad Schorer, President

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