Truth or Fraud?

Global Identity

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? I have. More than once actually. My bank reimbursed me each time which is good for me, but not so good for them. Now, my losses weren’t going to cause much of a dent in their revenue but certainly I am not an isolated case. Those losses add up over time, so it’s important to prevent the loss in the first place.

Protecting your business from fraud is probably a top priority for you. But where do you start? A good place to begin is verifying identity. Fraudsters are good at what they do and always seem to be at least a few steps ahead of us. And if you do business internationally, it can be even tougher to verify the identity of those you do business with.

Digital Segment has over 6 billion records of domestic and international consumer data. We can help you do business with confidence by giving you the ability to verify the identity of your customers. A single data point entered into the Identity Gateway will offer up a wealth of data you can use in order to do business without fear.

Has a prospect visited your website? We can enter the IP Address into the Identity Gateway to connect that address to a household or a consumer. Do you have a list of email addresses for customers who requested more information on your business? Entering these into the Identity Gateway can lead you to the social handles attached to those email addresses, mobile numbers, home addresses, you name it. Having a myriad of identification options helps you verify who you are doing business with. Now you can prevent fraud and utilize a myriad of channels by which to directly contact your prospects.

We would love to show you how Identity Gateway can keep you safe from fraud and build your customer base. That’s a win/win for your bottom line. Got 15 minutes? Give us a call to set up a demo. See for yourself how Digital Segment can become your gateway to a world of data.

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-Brad Schorer, President

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