Big Box or Boutique

Are you a Big Box Store fan or are boutiques more your style? Buying in bulk can seem more economical, but is that true if you are paying for more than you need or more than you can use? Boutiques, on the other hand, offer variety, custom products and a personal touch to really meet customer needs.

Did you know that Digital Segment has the same data as those big box data providers? It’s true! Digital Segment has over 6 billion records of consumer data including, demographic, mobile phone, email data, postal data, purchase and point of sale, geographic, social media handles, and even international consumer and business data.

The difference between Big Box suppliers and Digital Segment is that we customize our products to meet your needs. Why should you pay for something you’re not going to use? Digital Segment won’t force you into purchasing a one size fits all product that requires you to toss away the features you can’t use or weed through a bunch of unnecessary or confusing fields of information.

Our newest offering, Identity Gateway, allows you the opportunity to self-serve, guaranteeing you get only what you want, so there is no waste. Do you want to target consumers on social media but only have an email address? Identity Gateway allows you to input the information you have, i.e. an email address, and output the information you need, i.e. social handles associated to that email address.

You can also go for bulk information if that’s what you’re looking for. Input a data element you have, like an email address and request output of physical address, mobile number, social handles, etc. Identity Gateway allows you to create the package that works best for you, eliminating waste and expense.

If you are interested in seeing how Digital Segment can give you the same quality data for less than the Big Boxes can, give us a call. We would love to demonstrate Identity Gateway for you and talk about how our customized products can help you with your data needs.

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“We’re a cooperative & innovative team. We love using data and technology to create meaningful marketing programs for our clients.”

-Brad Schorer, President

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