Can You Help Me Place this Call?

Can You Help Me Place this Call?

Remember when you had to call information to get a phone number or use a phone book to find a friend’s address? I sure do. A real person would answer the call and often help narrow down the choices as you shared what information you had, such as area of town or, if you really knew your “target”, the parents’ first names.

Where I grew up, new phonebooks arrived at the end of our driveway, about once per year. Unfortunately, this meant that if a number changed at any point after, our friend moved, or they decided to keep their number unpublished, it could be pretty difficult to get in touch with them until the phonebook was updated and delivered the following year.

As a business, you probably market to consumers a number of different ways. Can you imagine reaching for the white pages of every city you were interested in targeting. Even if you did this, your options would be to market by mail via the postal service or door to door (no thank you), or by dialing the number in hopes that it still belonged to the person you were trying to reach. That sounds like a whole lot of work for likely little return.

Well, thankfully, times have changed. Digital Segment has developed the Identity Gateway to help you obtain the consumer information you need to run a successful marketing campaign. The best part is, you can input the information you have and output as many consumer touch points as are available, depending on your needs. For example, if you input a consumer phone number, possible outputs can consist of physical address, email address and social handles. Or enter an email address and output the mobile number. It’s really that simple.

Our customers have been very pleased with the results of Identity Gateway and we think you will be too. We would love to demo this tool for you, so you can see for yourself, how Identity Gateway can save your business time and money by delivering accurate up to date consumer data. Call, email or sign up on our website. We would love to be your data provider!

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-Brad Schorer, President

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