Enhance Consumer Data to Drive Growth

Enhance Consumer Data to Drive Growth

It’s All About Growth

I would guess that growth is a permanent theme for your business. No one wants to be stagnant, but growing your business largely depends on your reach.

Marketing via email and text is great for a lot of reasons. Both are instant and allow for personalization. Unfortunately, fraudsters use these channels too. They are hammering away daily, in hopes of gaining personal information in order to mislead and cause harm.
This means it’s more important than ever to personalize your message so it doesn’t go straight into the delete/junk folder.

As fraud grows so must your strategy. Digital Segment can help. Identity management is a huge part of our business and we believe it should play a big role in your long-term plans. Knowing a bit about the person you want to reach, not only helps increase your message open rate but can also keep your business messaging compliant.

Knowing who is on the other end of that mobile number or email address allows you to personalize your message and market with the confidence you need to reach your intended target. Addressing someone by name ups the chances of your text message being opened and that of course, often leads to further engagement. Getting engagement leads to growth and isn’t growing every business’ goal?

Identity Gateway (IG) is a product we developed to give you the information you need to reach your intended prospect. IG is like a vending machine for data. Input the token and out comes your selection. Put in a phone number and select your desired output. Do you want the email address, home address, and social handles? Then just ask. Put in a mobile number and out comes the associated consumer’s name and any other available demographics you request. Pretty cool, right?

We would love to show you what Identity Gateway can do! With over 6 billion records of consumer data, we believe IG is a great addition to any business that wishes to extend their reach and accelerate growth. Contact us for your free test credentials so you can try out IG and see for yourself.

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“We’re a cooperative & innovative team. We love using data and technology to create meaningful marketing programs for our clients.”

-Brad Schorer, President

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