The Importance of Identity Verification

The Importance of Identity Verification

Data has become an essential part of identity verification and fraud prevention. By leveraging data, businesses can ensure that the identities of their customers are verified and the risk of fraud is minimized.

Data-driven identity verification starts with collecting and verifying the consumer’s identity data. This data can include a range of information, such as name, address, social handle, mobile number, and more. This data is then compared with other data points to ensure its accuracy. For example, if a customer provides a home address, the system may cross-reference that address with the landline or IP address associated to it, to verify the consumer’s identity.

Once the consumer’s identity is verified, businesses can use the data to analyze behavior for potential fraud. Behavioral analytics tools can identify patterns in consumer behavior and flag suspicious activities. For example, if a consumer is suddenly making purchases outside their normal spending habits, the system can alert the business to potential fraud.

Data can also be used to detect fraud in real-time. By leveraging real-time data, businesses can identify fraud as it is happening and take action to prevent further losses. This includes blocking suspicious transactions and alerting the customer of the potential fraud.

Data is also an essential part of identity verification and fraud prevention after an account has been compromised. By leveraging data, businesses can quickly lock down accounts and prevent further losses. They can also use data to investigate the source of the attack and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Data-driven identity verification and fraud prevention are essential for businesses to protect their customers and their own bottom lines. By leveraging data, businesses can ensure that their customers’ identities are verified and that their accounts are secure from fraudsters.

Identity Gateway is a tool developed by Digital Segment, to help businesses like yours identify data points associated with a customer or target group. Identity Gateway allows users to input any data point they have, for example a name and address, and receive output of the data points requested, such as email address and mobile number. The more you know about a consumer, the more confident you can be when entering into a relationship or transaction with them.

We would love to show you the capabilities of Identity Gateway! Whether you are looking to target consumers more specifically, verify identity, prevent fraud or some other need, we are confident you will find Identity Gateway to be a valuable tool for helping you meet your business goals. Give us a call today or contact us via We offer test credentials so you can try it out for yourself.

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