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Freedom and Privacy

Can Freedom and Privacy Coexist? As we enter into a long holiday weekend celebrating our freedom as Americans, it is important to remember how much

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Truth or Fraud?

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? I have. More than once actually. My bank reimbursed me each time which is good for me,

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Social Media = Prospects

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. It is often how people connect and stay up to date on friends, family, news, trends, events, etc. through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Tapping into this form of communication with consumers allows you to market to those who prefer receiving content there rather than via email.

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You Never Call. You Never Write.

How confident are you with your marketing efforts? Reaching the person you are intending to reach can be a dilemma for marketers. Sending messages or mailers to the wrong person can be a waste
of time and money, something no one appreciates. Stop wasting your resources with ineffective marketing.

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Identity Gateway Travels Overseas

Do you have customers or a target market outside of the US? If so, you’re in luck. Identity Gateway now includes international consumer data. Let me introduce you.

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A New Take on Self Serve

Digital Segment would like to introduce you to a new self serve product offering that allows you to select and purchase only the data elements you need and forgo any that you don’t. Introducing our latest product offering, Identity Gateway.

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Who is Behind Door #1?

Do you know who is on the receiving end of your call, text, email or postal address? You may think you do, but are you sure? Our Identity Resolution solutions are able to identify whether the contact information you have belongs to your intended target.

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Let’s Go Shopping!

Do you like to shop? I do, but not in person…and that has nothing to do with the pandemic. I prefer to shop online and

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What’s All the Talk About?

Digital Segment is proud to announce the launch of CrossTalk, a new product offering that allows our customers to retarget their customers across multiple channels.

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